Hi there!

I am a girl of wonder. I grew up in a farming town called Floyds Knobs, IN (no, it is not a hardware store,) near Louisville, KY my entire life until college. I decided to venture down south to the Music City, Nashville, TN, but ironically, I am not pursuing music. Now, I am a 22 year old pursuing my Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree at Belmont University while also pursing my baking passion.

Baking and physical therapy? Yep, you heard correctly. While I am taking 20+ hours each semester for my doctorate, I also want to bake for others as a little side business and as a way to get to know those in my community. Every since I can remember, my mother always baked for family, friends, strangers, holidays, funerals, just for the heck of it, and every time someone had a hill or valley in their life. The way she would pour her love and appreciation for the person or family into her baking always made my eyes sparkle and I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.

Now, I’m grown up (as much as a 22 year old can be,) and I want to truly fine-tune the art of baking not only for myself but for the joy and pleasure of others. Not only do I hope and pray my desserts will taste lovely, but I want to shower love on those who want my pastries.

My baking blog will be a portion of this journey, and I will provide recipes/tips/contact information about making special requests for delicious desserts.

When I’m not studying for PT school or baking, you can find me drinking a nice hot cup of tea and reading a classic C.S. Lewis book or trying to perfect the art of watercolour.

Check out my “baking” page for updates about my latest creations and tips for your own “sweet pursuits!” And as always, I would love to hear from you. Send a message or letter my way; (I may even create desserts you suggest!)








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