Mama’s Secret Recipe – Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Bread

I slowly open my eyes and rub the sleep away wondering what day it is. I swing my bedroom door wide and a wave of nuttiness and chocolate overwhelms my senses.

The sleepiness is immediately gone and all I can think is, “YES! Mom’s homemade chocolate chip banana nut bread!!!”

Her specialty and my favorite baked good she has ever made.

When I was growing up, she would make this anytime I needed a little pick me up or as a “get well soon” treat, because it is the ultimate comfort food. Each time I have a slice of it with a glass of milk, I feel immediately comforted. Her love permeates through the baking.

That is what I hope for all of you who try my desserts.

“Be a light for someone.” My mom would always remind me, and I hope each little baked good I make will bring a little lightness your way.

(Sorry, I can’t give away the secret recipe, but I can make a special loaf for you if you want! Email me if interested.) 🙂




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